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Democrat Joe Biden seems to exemplify the radical left's notion that the remedy for racism is more racism.

To define by race and discriminate -- i.e., differentiate -- based upon race is racist.

There is a radical left lunatic fringe that, again and again, demonstrates a fetish for insisting that the remedy for racism is more racism. More to the point, they push the notion that, because, in part of the country, 160 years ago, there was an apartheid racism, they are entitled to impose their own fresh racism today, across the entire country, including imposing their left-wing brand of racism upon those who had thousands of ancestors who fought and died freeing the slaves.

That includes imposing a fresh racism through campaigns for national office, such Biden being racist by choosing an unqualified half-Black woman for his running mate just because she is half-Black.

That way of thinking, of course, is politically psychopathic and means that those who hold the notion, regardless of how their raw numbers might ebb and flow, need to be considered a lunatic fringe.

After very public posturing by radical elements that Biden should choose a Black woman as his running mate, Biden chose half-Black Senator Kamala Harris. Her only relevant experience is a little more than three years in the U.S. Senate, preceded by moderately limited state level experience that was not as a state governor.

So Biden gives every appearance that he, one, defined Harris by part of her ethnicity, and that, two, he choose her because of her ethnicity, caving to radical, (reverse-)racist pressure.

So Biden is just as racist and sexist and those pushing for such a move.

It goes without saying that to define someone by race, and especially to discriminate, i.e., differentiate, by race, is racist.

The Democrat's National Convention already has been tinged by "playing the race card" with emphasis on the inflammatory, divisive, so-called "Black Lives Matter" sloganeering. That slogannering seems to be bent on promoting a fetish for being race-obsessed, defining and dividing based upon race, instead of declaring that All Lives Matter, or following the true American motto, E Pluribus Unum, "Out of Many, One."

Even the incident that was exploited as an excuse for protesting, looting, rioting, criminal activity and anarchism, the death of a drug-using, Covid-19-infected, convicted felon while he was resisting police custody, was grounded upon confusion and misleading innuendo.

Given the fact that the police knew they were being filmed, it would seem unlikely that the tragic death was anything other than accidental. One is left to wonder, how anyone could think that an actual murderer would be willing to commit murder knowing he is being filmed doing it.

Additionally, there seems to be no basis or evidence that the death was racially motivated. Even on the 911 call, the dispatcher had to ask repeatedly just to get the concerned citizen calling about the criminal to divulge the criminal's race. There was no indication of racism in the behavior of the police. Even left-wing sources, such as left-leaning media or organizations, began adjusting their boilerplate rabble-rousing to a generic reference to the individual criminal's name and the fact that he died in police custory, without risking a defamation suit by suggesting that there was racist motivation.

Even the "I can't breath" aspect of the event turned out to be prone to misinterpretation. Video from earlier in the incident, suppressed from public view, reportedly indicated that the criminal was trying to say "I can't breathe" much earlier, when he was acting strong as a bull, actively resisting being put into a squad car, with one trainee in the car trying to pull him in, and another outside trying to guide him in.

Those calling for Biden to choose a Black woman are, by definition, both racist and sexist. For Biden to follow through and choose Harris because she is half-Black, and female, means that Biden is racist is sexist.

It also goes without saying that persons who voted for Obama because he was half-Black, or simply felt good about it because he was half-Black, are racist, and therefore un-American.

For the same reason, if you have applauded Biden's choise of Harris along those lines, or acted on that support, for that motivation, by talking about it favorably in a public or private manner, including online, you are racist.

We already knew that Biden is racist because of his support for prenatal child-killing, usually touted by the false euphemism of "abortion." "Abortion" impacts Black preborn children at a rate, per capita, far higher than whites.

By the same token, Harris has been guilty of Black-on-Black racism for supporting prenatal child-killing. She even went out of her way, in state office, to harass, persecute and even prosecute an investigative reporter exposing other, additional harmful aspects of activity by the country's biggest chain of abortion providers.

Biden also has been guilt of supporting the racist activity dubbed by the false euphemism of so-called "affirmative action," that defines and disciminates based upon race, that therfore is neither "affirmative" nor "action," yet is, by definition, racist.

So racist Biden, known as "The Butcher of the Beltway" for supporting "abortion," known as a kind of "Lynching in the Womb" for its racist impact, remains consistent in his racism by making a racist choice for his running mate.

Of course, instead of choosing a Black running mate crusading against the anti-Black genocide of "abortion," he has made racist choice that is two-fold. He made a racist choice by apparently discriminating based upon race, amidst a pro-Black racist climate, of someone, apparently, because she is half-Black. In addition, he chose a racist half-Black guilty of Black-on-Black racist impact, because she is pro-"abortion."

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