Will Biden Continue Wrecking Social Security for Older Americans and Future Retirees?

Joe Biden's combination of massive, abortion-related population distortion, and economic disasters, would threaten to further undermine Social Security and Medicare for America's aging population, now and into the future.

The primary impact on Social Security is demographics; 62 million-plus abortions is the biggest negative impact on Social Security demographics; and Biden is viciously pro-abortion. Social Security relies on economic growth and income and Biden is an economic disaster. On both counts, the net effect is that Biden is de facto anti-Social Security, and extremely so.

Economic and health-related challenges, of course, would be complicated even further by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. That fact would amplify the danger posed by Biden policies.

As pointed out by past leaders, social security most certainly is not the same as welfare. Social security and medicare are paid into by decades of hard work. That fact stands regardless of the financial dynamic for how benefits might be paid out in a given year.

Yet, at the same time, because Social Security is paid, in an ongoing way, by ongoing tax revenues, the balance between working population and retirees is paramount.

The biggest issue facing Social Security is therefore demographics.

The biggest demographic issue is abortion, a euphemism for prenatal killing, that has depleted the current, and future, working population by more than 62 million and counting, not including additional chemical abortions, including chemical abortions caused by the abortifacent properties of so-called birth control pills.

Biden's support for abortion, if given even greater weight by making him President, would aggravate and prolong that population distortion.

Even Biden's determination to encourage dangerous illegal colonization by granting amnesty to massive numbers of illegal aliens would not make up for the damage he inflicts on Social Security demographics.

Moreover, Social Security is impacted by economic output and accompanying national income and national wage levels.

Both Biden and his party have been associated with prolonged economic disaster and a detachment from economic realities, whether rhetorical or a real, personal detachment.

When Barack Obama was elected as a kind of figurehead with extremely limited background or credentials, Joe Biden was the senior partner in that tandem, the more experienced individual.

Towards the end of the President George W. Bush administration, there was at least a moderate oil price shock, which very predictably would produce some level of recession, requiring some adjustment. That downturn coincided with left-wing Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats taking over the House of Representatives, with left-wing Barney Frank heading the banking committee.

When the oil price shock then burst a financial bubble, the recession was afoot, ever moreso. Yet, after Biden and Obama were elected, and Obama ended up controlling both Houses of Congress, what might have been a predictable moderate temporary recession, in their hands, turned into what amounted to the Second Great Depression, economic downturn and massive debt.

So Biden essentially has nothing to point to, in the recent era or otherwise, to suggest that he would represent anything other than the two-punch harm of economic mismanagement and abortion-related demographic disaster.

Both spell doom for Social Security, Medicare and the hard-earned rights and well-being of older Americans.

Add to that the bizarre record of Biden-Obamacare on health care generally. The disaster of Obamacare, with forced self-insurance, unusable plans and exorbitant costs for limited access is well known. Yet there appears to have been a failure to even attempt to explain why health care access and insurance otherwise collapsed generally in a timeframe coinciding with Biden and Obama taking power.

Leading up that point, one could get a robust PPO with small copayments to access good doctors and specialists, as well as testing and more significant care. After the Biden-Obama tandem, that was either entirely gone, or available only for skyrocketing prices, in a fairly short period of time.

Even worse, a major insurer participating in Obamacare admitted that none of their Obama plans covered testing, as a general matter. That fact raises the prospect of Stealth Euthanasia, of allowing people to die if they lack the cash to pay hugh prices for testing, so that necessary coverage does not get substantiated by a paper trail.

Under normal circumstances, even a Biden caretaker government would be a serious danger and threat to Social Security, Medicare and the well-being of older Americans. Yet against a backgrop of a public health emergency, and a Covid-impacted economy, it would be like putting a pyromaniac in charge of a fire brigade.

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