ABORTION: So-Called "Human Rights Watch" Revealed as Promoter of Human Rights Violations by Their Support For Access to Prenatal Killing

A recent article by Radio Free Europe revealed that the nonprofit attempting to call itself "Human Rights Watch" actually seemed to be calling for access to "abortion" in Iran. As a result, a would-be big-money "human rights" organization actually would be promoting the world's biggest and most savage human rights violation.

The term "abortion," used in such a manner, of course, is nothing other than a pseudo-clinical-sounding euphemism for the deliberate killing of human life in her mother's womb.

Along those lines, advocates of prenatal murder even engage in the morbid manipulation of calling the killing "health care" or "reproductive health," Orwellian propaganda considering that the purpose is not to heal but to kill off an individual life and to exterminate a natural act of reproduction.

The sheer magnitude of prenatal killing is mind-boggling. If, just in the United States, every single American killed in her mother's womb "surgically" since Roe v. Wade were allowed to lie in the state in the U.S. Capitol for just one day, it would take more than 169,000 years to finish the daily lying in state.

"Abortion" is the most widespread violence against human beings in the world, and the most widespread human rights violation.

It also is among the most vicious and savage, having included methods that involve ripping the victim apart, and having included procedures carried out against victims who could feel the pain.

So an entity attempting to make money and gain misplaced social status by holding themselves out as a "human rights" nonprofit, instead, is promoting a savage, widespread violence.

That hypocrisy seems many times worse, and more cynical, than, for example, a brutal, totalitarian dictatorship trying to call itself a "Democratic People's Republic."

Their 2018 form 990 tax return, available through Guidestar.org, references over $85 million in revenue, and over $52 million in salaries, benefits, and other compensation, in that form's most recent year. It also lists, in an addendum, nearly 30 employees or officers making six-figure salaries, headed up by an executive director listed as Kenneth Roth with base compensation of over $560,000 just for himself. Five additional figures are listed at over $300,000, and multiple over $200,000, as well as a number of others with six-figure base salaries.

The form does not indicated whether that is an exhaustive list of persons with six-figure base compensation associated with their organization.

Additional material on the organization's own website seems to confirm their stance on the "abortion" issue.

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Ultrasound of Unborn Child in Womb, with Anti-Smoking Message, adapted from image at cdc.gov