"Russia 'Running Out of Steam,' 'Growing Desperate' in Ukraine War: Experts" - Newsweek - SCW Newswatch

Newsweek reports on efforts by Ukraine's all-important agricultural sector to begin harvesting this year's crops even as Ukraine continues to defend itself against the Russian invasion.

"... Restoring destroyed [agricultural] infrastructure and getting workers to return to the fields will take time. While a recent agreement ... to give grain shipments safe passage from Ukraine’s blockaded ports offers some hope ... many farmers ... have little faith the deal will hold. A Russian missile attack on ... Odessa appeared to violate ... the [UN]-brokered agreement. Ukrainian officials said Friday that ... shipments of grain would leave in the next few days. ... Ukrainian farming ... get[ing] back on its feet could help alleviate strained global food supplies and ease price[s] .... Agriculture employs 14% of Ukraine’s population and ... accounted for more than 40% of [Ukraine's 2021] $68 billion in exports .... Many farmers don’t expect a speedy recovery ...."

Click here for: "Russia 'Running Out of Steam,' 'Growing Desperate' in Ukraine War: Experts" - Newsweek 7.30.22 - SCW Newswatch

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