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Israel successfully tests new laser missile defense system: The Israeli-made laser system, known as the "Iron Beam," is designed to complement a series of aerial defense systems, including the more costly rocket-intercepting Iron Dome. - Defense News 4.15.22

Israel, U.S. successfully test Israeli Arrow-3 missile defense system - UPI 1.18.22

Secret Chinese Port Project in Persian Gulf Rattles U.S. Relations With Key Ally; U.S. intelligence agencies learned this spring that China was secretly building what they suspected was a military facility at a port in the United Arab Emirates, one of the U.S.’s closest Mideast allies, according to people familiar with the matter. - WSJ 11.18.21

Hamas retains robust rocket arsenal despite 11 days of Israeli strikes, experts say - Washington Examiner 5.22.21

Israel-Gaza conflict continues to intensify; rockets reported from Lebanon World Israel-Gaza conflict continues to intensify; rockets reported from Lebanon - Fox 5.18.21

U.S. Pledges Nearly $600 Million in Aid to Syria - WSJ 3.30.21

Iran, China Sign Economic, Security Agreement, Challenging U.S.; Pressure The deal, five years in the making, seeks to boost Chinese investment in Iranian infrastructure and deepen defense cooperation - WSJ 3.27.21

Saudi Aramco's profit plunges, sees signs of oil market recovery - Reuters

Lebanese lash out at rulers after deadly Beirut blast - Reuters

Beirut Probe Focuses on Why Tons of Explosives Were Stored at Port - WSJ

At least 135 dead after Beirut explosions; 300,000 homeless - UPI

Bahrain to Forge Ties With Israel, Trump Says; The Gulf kingdom’s move advances a Middle East realignment, a month after U.A.E. and Israel agreed to diplomatic links - WSJ

Trump announces deal between Bahrain, Israel to normalize relations in push for Mideast peace; Deal comes after a similar agreement with United Arab Emirates just last month - Fox

Trump announces 'peace deal' between Bahrain and Israel - BBC

U.S. Brokers Peace Deal Between Israel And Bahrain - Forbes

Palestinians strongly condemn Israel-Bahrain deal, withdraw ambassador; Last month, the Palestinian leadership issued a similar response to the normalization agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. - Jerusalem Post

Erdan: Israel-Bahrain deal marks historic day for Israel, the Arab world; Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi welcomed on Friday Bahrain agreeing to establish full diplomatic relations. - Jerusalem Post

Israel, Bahrain to normalize diplomatic relations, Trump announces - The Hill

How the world reacted to Bahrain, Israel normalising ties; Nations and stakeholders in Israeli-Palestine conflict react to Bahrain and Israel normalising diplomatic relations. - Al Jazeera

Bahrain follows UAE to normalise ties with Israel; Palestine recalls Bahrain envoy, denounces latest deal as 'another treacherous stab to the Palestinian cause'. - Al Jazeera

Bahrain becomes latest Arab nation to recognise Israel following UAE - ABC Australia

Bahrain follows Emirates in normalising ties with Israel - France 24




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