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Many Hospitals Are Getting Overwhelmed. It Could Affect Healthcare for Years to Come. - Barron's 1.14.22

'Stillborn' baby being prepped for burial discovered to be alive; A baby was declared stillborn by a Brazilian doctor was being prepared for burial at a funeral home -- then was miraculously found to still be alive. - NY Post 1.5.22

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Hospitals Still Not Fully Complying With Federal Price-Disclosure Rules - WSJ 12.30.21

China continues to exploit U.S. universities to bolster military modernization, report finds: China continues to use U.S. university system to collect information to bolster its nuclear and cyber-espionage programs. - Fox 12.11.21

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The New Low-Cholesterol Diet: Fatty Fish The right fish can do wonders for your heart. - WebMD 2.3.09

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FACEBOOK SCANDALS: Is Facebook Bad for You? It Is for About 360 Million Users, Company Surveys Suggest The app hurts sleep, work, relationships or parenting for about 12.5% of users, who reported they felt Facebook was more of a problem than other social media. Facebook said it has built tools and controls to help people manage when and how they use its services. - WSJ 11.6.21

HEALTH COSTS, NONPROFITS: ProPublica: St. Jude hoards billions while many of Its families drain their savings - UPI 11.12.21

HEALTH BUSINESS: J&J to Split Into Two Public Companies: Johnson & Johnson intends to separate its high-margin prescription-drugs and medical-devices business from its storied but slower-growing consumer group, creating two publicly traded companies. - WSJ 11.12.21

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